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Should i get a hard spanking or get grounded?
I was in big trouble today(for some reason) and my parents said i have to either get grounded for 2 months or a very hard spanking on my bare bottom, this will be given by my mom. what should i choose?! i hate grounding but spanking also hurts!
On the off chance that this post is legitimate, I will answer.

First thing Missy, your parents should not be giving you the choice. At 13 my first reaction would be to ground you, and I guarantee you would hate it. Secondly, if you did something so monumental in the books of misdeeds, perhaps a spanking in addition to grounding, but one must remember, you are 13.

In either case, it is not your place to choose. I am actually surprised that you have the time to ask Yahoo Answers this question, which is why I second-guess the legitimacy of this question.
Is it weird to want to be spanked very hard by a woman?
when i say hard I mean like i want her to leaves marks.
No, it's a fetish. Indulge it if you want, it's your life!
Where can a bad boy get a hard spanking?
looking for a stern lady too spank my bare *** very hard no limit
This is not a parenting question. But I'll answer anyway.

Do you want a dominatrix? Or a relationship that involves D/s. If you want to book a session with a dominatrix, then google "Mistress Matisse." On her professional website, she has her location, as well as links to directories of other female Pro-Dommes.

If you want a relationship that involves D/s, then google "munch, Bdsm." A munch is a casual gathering of bondage aficionados that meets somewhere just to talk, but not to play. It's a good place to meet other kinky people in your area.
What can i do my parents very mad i tried smoking!?
I am girl who is 12 year old in 7th grade. I was with two of my friends and one of them had cigarettes she take from her mother and we all three did try one. I thought was icky and felt little sick after and made me to cough so i said i not do it again. My one friends sister found out about it and tell on us all three and my parents got phone call from hers and they were super mad at me I tried explain i just tried them because friends did and i didnt like it and would not do again but still they not listen and i got a spanking very hard!! Also my two friends i miss very much because i am not allowed play with them again!! How i make parents change mind?? Was that fair since i said what happen and said i never do again?
Your parents want you to realize that they take this very seriously. They only act this way because they care about you and want you to grow up safe. It seems harsh now but in time you will forget about it. Everyone tries smoking at some time or another. Most people try it once and stop, like you. You should tell your parents that you understand why they were mad and promise not to do it again, na.
My boyfriend believes in domestic discipline & wants to start spanking me for misdeeds should I let him?
I decided to give it a try & he put me over his knee last week & gave me 30 very hard spanks with a paddle for lying to him then last night I got 20 strokes with a switch he picked for cursing at him my but is bruised & it still hurts he spanked me bare bottom both times I dont know if I like this new arrangement in our relationship any input would help thanks
im sorry to hear about that.

this shouldnt be, sweetie. even guys shouldnt experience such. Both of you are adults and can talk things through than spanking and hitting.

if he's very strict with this so-called domestic discipline, i would like to suggest to talk to him. If he doesnt change or not willing to compromise, please leave him. for your own sake.

Is it normal for a woman to enjoy being spanked hard in the bare butt?
Since a few months ago I started enjoying spanking as a submissive. I enjoy very much being spanked in my bare butt with ruber sandals, belts or whips until I can't stand it any more and start crying like a baby and begging for mercy.

I myself am very comfortable with this lifestyle and do not see anything wrong with that but my sister learned about my spanking habits and became tottaly agaist it stating that this is for mentally ill persons and that I should seek psyquiatric help. I got a little bit shaken by her comments and would like an opinion.

Is it normal for a young woman to enjoy a lot being spanked really hard in the bare butt?

Thanks in advance for the answers
You are an open minded woman who adores adventure. There is nothing wrong with your lifestyle - it is yours to choose. Perhaps, though, it is best not to share too many details with your sister.

Enjoy life!
Instead of sending people to jail for non-violent offences, should public spankings be brought in?
The offenders could be made to wear pants with holes that reveal their cheeks. When walking down the street, they could expect to get slapped on the bare bottom by people passing by. Really naughty ones might have to poke their bare bottoms through a hole in certain fences. people passing on the other side could give very hard spanks and just keep on walking. If the bad person fails to poke into any fence holes, then special spank police would burst into their homes to give an extra serious spanking for breaking their punishment agreement. This would be cheaper for the public and much more fun.
Yes, most definitely! And if one were to be pulled over by the police for any misdemeanor, he/she should be able to chose between a high fine or a bare bottom spanking in front of other police. I particularly wouldn't mind going to the station and being placed over several laps of police if I had to. Oh and if I had to appear before a judge, I would say, "please don't be judgmental, just put me over your robed lap, pull down my panties and spank my naughty BB until it is bright red". Of course there would be many witnesses to this, including one friend I could bring along. Hmmm! wonder who I'd choose?
How can I get my parents to spank me?
I want my bare bottom spanked very hard. Thing is my parents will think that I am sick if I just come out and ask them to. ( I am not sick at all I just like the feeling of being spanked ) They stoped spanking me when I was about 7 or 8. When I am bad they just yell at me or punnish me or ground me. What do I do? I really want to be spanked!! And I can't drive myself to a place where they spank you if you ask them.
Word of warning: there are quite a few people who just don't or won't get this.

The short answer to your question is- you probably shouldn't try to get your parents to spank you. Honestly, deliberate misbehavior is not a good answer to anything.

The long answer to your unusual desires is that you are a masochist. Now, people really don't understand this if they haven't experienced it, and many never will. Remember that this is your body, your nervous system that is giving you your cues, so you are the only one who gets to determine what is good and right for you. On the plus side, you also will find that you will have a broader pallate of sensations to actually enjoy as time goes on. The key is to find a good community that embraces good communication, healthy negotiations, and above all understanding the meaning of consent. I'm in the same boat as you, I know - I'm a masochist as well. The downside is that people will misunderstand, judge, and generally be annoying. Above all - be safe... and take your time. You will have a long time to figure out just what you want/need in your life, so there isn't a need to rush just yet.

Be well, and feel free to email me if you need more info.

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