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How do I stop my panties from smelling?
I wipe after peeing but my panties still smell bad and i can smell it throu my clothes even if im wearing jeans
Try wearing pantiliners. There are several types, and if you can find the kind that absorb odor, they work very well. Aside from this, you might also try using a moist wipe of some kind...they clean a little better and usually have a pleasant smell.
Would you break up with your bf if you caught him smelling your panties?
ok so i'm not sure but i think my boyfriend has stolen panties from my laundry basket a few times. Is that too weird? lol
thats no reason to break up with the guy he just was to be close to you
Why do people stare at me ugly when I'm in the women clothes department at Walmart smelling bras and panties?
I think they should be respecting me because I'm making sure they are not contaminated.
I want your unibrow
Have you ever caught your husband smelling your va gina while you slept? Caught him smelling my panties, why?
Very confused.

Im a clean person. What could he possibly be up to?
"Very confused" ? How can you be confused ? Men love the smell of a woman's vulva. It is an intoxicating perfume for them. What is confusing about this ? Why aren't you flattered that he loves YOUR personal, one of a kind perfume ? "What could he be up to ?" Geeze, were you raised on this planet or just arrived on a space ship ? He "could be up to"... admiring your special fragrance and getting horny and maybe considering waking you up by snacking on your fragrant "sachet" between your legs. Or if he felt you wouldn't welcome him waking you, maybe he was unable to resist "awakening" himself with your scent and then a self actuated "release" (masturbation). You said, "I'm a clean person" ... yeah, so can't you fathom that he LIKES what scent you do have ? Isn't that flattering and endearing ? If I learned that my wife smelled my t-shirts or boxers - I'd feel desired and pleased. You don't understand that this is a GOOD thing ? You want to "prove" that theory ? The next time that you will go dancing (slow dance) or the next time you go to make love - swipe your fingers through your labia and wipe it on the nape of your neck. When you go to dance or kiss, pull his head to the nape of your neck for a sniff. I'll bet you he will ravish you like a mad man. This question implies that you felt this was a "bad thing". You need your thinking realigned. Haven't you ever heard of pheromones ?
Guys, do you ever enjoy smelling girls worn panties?
Im 22 and my boyfriend asked me if he could have a pair of my worn panties.
He said he likes to smell them while he does "things".
Does any other male enjoy this?
that's a big yes..absolutely..worn panties are a piece of heaven
If you suspected your husband/wife of cheating would you go as far as smelling his privates or her panties?
I gotta a bad "gut" feeling that somethings going on but, I need to be sure before accusing my husband. Would smelling his balls be too much? Too desperate?
Yes. I suspect my husband is cheating, because his semen tastes different.
Is smelling and licking my girlfriends panties abnormal?
i have the habit of smelling and sometimes licking my girl friends panties.she freaked out when she found i abnormal.i havent fallen sick or smth.just that when i look at her panties and smell them.its a great feeling.
should i stop or what??

comments pls.
It's probably not what most guys do, but it's not really that bad. You shouldn't do it to your girlfriend's panties if it bothers her though. Respect her property and privacy.
Little brother smelling panties? my mother found my clean panties in my 7 year old brothers room, under his mattress, she thought that the lady that cleans just forgot to put them away and my brother just tucked them there...but my used bras, panties and cloth got lost again...(my cloth smells good but come panties???)
A couple of day later my mother found my brother again with my all that under the mattress, he denied what he was doing, he was saying that he wasn't the one taking the cloth from the bathroom and tucking it under the mattress, so my mom asked him how did that got there and he said that he didn't know, my other 10 year old bother told my mom that he saw him under the sheets with my cloth under him with his underwear off.

I'm trying to be open minded about this but its kind of freaky...and i wouldn't be to concerned if he was a teen but his only 7 and i found that really weird, and totally out of the pattern...
Should we worry?
Hehe dont worry!!!!

Kids from as little as 3 have sexual insticts. He doesnt understand why he feels the need to do this, and at the age of 7 its not understandable to him, getting angry with him will make him anxious.

All guys go through this stage, and its a part of the sexual development, dont make fun of him, will distress him and might cause problems on his development.

Not many 7 year old will take their sister's undies, but they will sneak on their parents having sex etc. Dont worry, just sit down and resolve any questions he might have, dont make him feel what he does its wrong, because is not, its a part of his developmental sexuality. and dont make fun of him.

Good Luck :) you will remember this one day and you will laugh :P
What is the diffrence in smelling a girls dirty panties or her used tampax?
I like to smell a girls used tampax not wtih blood on it but just normal flow stuff what is the diffence with her used dirty panties is there a diffrence??
don't know, have never smelled a tampax

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