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Are there any risks in wearing very tight men's underwear?
I've been wearing tight underwear all of my life. I don't feel boxers confortable as much as tight underwear. Does it can affect men fertility, potency or quality of sperm? Please answer maybe I need to stop wearing tight underwar and start buying boxers.
I have a friend who is a health expert, and I asked the same question. She said that boxers are actually the "less healthy" choice because allowing your balls to hang loose all day is not good. She explained everything but I can't remember all the reasoning, but she said if you want your balls to last and be healthy, they need to have support, so wear either briefs or boxer briefs...Many brands now offer breathable material that wicks away moisture from the body. However, she said loose is not good. Standard briefs/boxer briefs, and low-rise briefs are all good choices to keep your goods comfortable and supported throughout the day. Even in the fashion industry, the more popular choices now are more supportive, athletic style briefs and boxer briefs...
Tight underwear for men?
Hi, I've been reading on a few internet sites that tight underwear can potentially cause infertility over the long term with men by decreasing sperm count, quality, etc...
But I haven't seen any reference as to what "tight" means? For example, I am a swimmer and I often in speedos (swims briefs). I have been for many years. Would speedos be considered too tight?

I sometimes wear speedos (I have a few) all day when I am too lazy to look through my other underwear.

Don't wear anything at all. It sounds like you would prefer it that way!
Is it allow men in tight spandex underwear(very small and sexy) only at bedroom?
do you like that scene? women, plz let me know the truth. and if you like them... what color is.. white?
thats gross unless its on super heros!
Who loves to look through the sales papers looking to see if the men in the paper have on tight underwear?
I love looking through the sales papers looking to see what things are on sale and I also love looking to see in the men who have on clothes advertising clothing and products(such as underwear,socks,long johns) I always look at their private area to see if what they have on is see through or not,and I also look at their feet.
click here to search through a paper…
i look at the obituaries for a place to live in, then look at the classifieds to see what people are looking for and giggle.
Tight underwear and problems?
Can anyone some disadvantages in men for wearing tight underwear? I mean, quite tight...
Well, this is "Men's Health" so I'm going to assume you are a guy...

One of the biggest problems is that your testicles get exposed to too much body heat, which actually causes damage, causing you to produce defective sperm. And defective sperm doesn't necessarily mean you can't get a girl pregnant - it may take the form of a guy with birth defects. Though infertility is the most common side effect. You may not be interested in having guys now, but will you someday?

Secondly, there's circulation of blood, particularly in your skin. I'm not sure exactly what the long term effects of this is.
What underwear do men use to show off?
What underwear do men use that is really tight and it makes them look like they have a big package, not as in pants, is it boxer trunks?
boxer briefs
Vasectomy : Tight Underwear/Hot Bath?
Sorry to bleat on again regarding the vasectomy. I just need to know what is recommended for the recovery period, ie. I understand the man should wear tight underwear for a while. What about a hot bath? Do they recommend this? What else do they recommend? Man is going in for the chop on 21 Sep and is starting to worry. Thankyou.
My husband had a vasectomy years ago....could not lift anything heavy for a few weeks...wore a jock support. Abstained from sex until recheck by to be sure! But let me tell you, he had more energy during sex than ever thing he ever did and easier than if I had gone under the knife. Just use common sense and call the doc if you are worried. Good luck.
Men jokes xxx funny or not xxx?
Why don't men wear tight underwear?
It cuts off circulation to the brain!

Why do men have broad shoulders and big foreheads?
When you ask them a question, they shrug their shoulders and say, "I don't know."
When you tell them the answer, they slap their foreheads and say, "Ohhhhhh."

Why are vibr*tors better than men?
Because they never screw other women, never come in drunk, and you don't have to do their laundry!

Why do men die before their wives?
They should.

What is the difference between men and women?
A woman wants one man to satisfy her every need........
A man wants every woman to satisfy his one need

How does a man keep his youth?
By giving them money, furs and diamonds.

Where do you have to go to find a man who is truly into commitment?
A mental hospital.

What's the most common cause of hearing loss amongst men?
Wife saying she wants to talk to him.

Why are hangovers better than men?
Hangovers will go away.
Great ones there Chris.!!!
Thanks for a good laugh - cheers.!!!
Can someone help me regarding comfort in my underwear (men)?
I have a size 36 inch waistline ... anyway when it comes to jeans and other (except undies) 36 inch is comfortable for me (because i can breathe) however i have problems buying undies ... even at size 40 it seems tight ... what type of underwear should i buy to guarantee comfort ,or may be is it because of the garter ... i really dont know .. anyway i use to be really fat before but now being a 5ft 11 with a 36 inch waistline i am trying out to be more fit //
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