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Why do guys like 'lesbian action' so much?
My boyfriend and my best friends boyfriend are always asking us if we have had any lesbian sex and they're kind of pushing us to do things with each other. It's so weird. Why do guys like it so much?
the answer is simple. I'll take you step by step. Boys like girls because they (we) think girls are sexy and hot.. We go crazy when a lady gets all sexual. You are with me so far? Ok, if one girl gets you hot and bother then what can be hotter than that? TWO GIRLS!!!! twice the fun. I mean, the answer is a bit more complicated than that but that is the basic idea. The thing is that in real life it is the woman that chooses the mate not the other way around. To prove this point I'll ask you this. Who is the one that gets on his knees and ask for the other person to marry him? Te man asks but the woman accepts or decline. Now, let me extend this idea. If its hard for a man to get a woman in bed then imagine doing the same with two. It is exponentially harder. So, something that is hard to obtain has a higher value. It is hotter because is not not the norm. It is harder and it is to some extend forbidden.

I will now add another idea to the mix which contribute to the enduring appeal on girl on girl action. Men are territorial. This is a survival evolutionary (from evolution) instinct. Think about it. Suppose for a second that there is a man and a woman in a relationship. Another woman comes and visits often even on days when the men is not around. Now, let me ask you what is the threat to the man if the wo woman have sex. There is a small chance that she may leave but, more than likely she won't. She will probably just enjoy both (in reference to the wife/girl friend). But, in reality the second woman will not be taking much away from the man therefore she is nit a real or immediate threat. Now, look at the opposite scenario. If you have a couple and another man comes in then the man in the relationship has a lot to loose to him. For one she can get pregnant by another man and this means that the husband has to spent a lot of resources and time to raise a guy that is not his. There is also a possibility that the second man takes over and kicks the husband out thus stealing his dwelling and resources which like it or not a woman is. Now, before you go all haywire on that last comment let me explain it. What I mean is that evolutionary wise both woman and man are property. Not property in the strict definition of the word but as perception. From a man point of view (and assuming traditional roles) the woman is the caretaker, the bearer of guyren etc etc. There is an opposite equivalent too. To the woman the man is the provider the bringer of resources, security etc etc. This is why when your man flirts with another woman you get mad. Is not the flirting is that that other woman can take your resources away without having to invest heavily in time and effort. Now you understand what I mean by property. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that when we men see two woman going at it then we do not feel as threaten as if it was a man. Subconsciously there is no man in the picture which could be stronger, better looking, bigger penis etc etc. Just two girls that are not a threat to us the viewer.

The third reason is a belief in a secret world. Do you sometimes find yourself wondering what man are really like? Well, we do the same too. When we watch a man and a woman having sex then we see it from the point of view of a man. However, when we see two woman then we see it from the point of view of a woman. We, in theory, see the secrets that you woman hold. Is suppose to be more real because again, in theory, there is no man there to which the woman has to act and pretend to. Is like seeing an animal in the zoo vs in the wild.
Lesbian sex? or girl on girl action?
people say lifes too short so have fun..
im straight, but i wouldnt see a problem in having girl on girl fun. - not tried it. but what do you guys think? should i try it?
go for it. it won't hurt. i'm doing the same thing right now and just started talking to some girl as well.
Are there ANY straight men who DON'T find lesbian sex hot/attractive/arousing?
I mean...do they even exist? :/

Now I understand WHY many guys are turned on by lesbian sex...But it seems like EVERY SINGLE guy I know drools over the prospect of lesbian action. So I just can't help but wonder, are there any straight guys out there who don't see the appeal in it? I'm curious.
me. im guessing most guys are like me. It hurts to watch, maybe thats why other guys like it.

note: i thought it was funny seeing it in Chasing Amy, but that was before I knew people did it for real.
Girl Only? How old are you and what do you think about 1 on 1 girl action sex?
I think lesbian action is the best.. I would love to be in the room in they are doing that...
I'm 24y, I love it there is soo much to discover.^-^
I got a lesbian galfriend but I'm self bisexual.
Soo lucky me, I'm attracted to both boys N girls!!
My lesbian realationship is dying cuz she wont go down on me?
i have been with my grf for two years now, and though i love her dearly, and feel she is my soulmate, the sex sucks!!!!!!
i love it when im with a women who wants to pleasure me, but she (being bi) just lacks the lesbian sex action..... how do i fix this??? our realationship is dying because of it...... it's to the point where i dont even want to plesure her anymore cuz i know i wont get it in return :(

Sounds like the sexual compatibility is not there for the two of you. Have you tried just talking to her about it? Maybe she is just not comfortable enough with herself to try what you want, maybe she lacks self confidence in that department. I personally like giving oral (better than anything else), when my wife and I first got together I was relatively uncomfortable in the bedroom with her because, while she liked it, she liked other things too. Since I did not like the "other things" i.e. penetration etc, and neither did the women I had previously dated....I lacked confidence in my ability and manual dexterity (for lack of better words) and as a result, rarely did the "other things". With time, her patience...and practice....I got more comfortable...and better ; ) I know that my experience is the opposite of what you are describing, but just have a heart to heart with her about it. Let her know that even though sex is not the most important part of your relationship, you are feeling neglected which in turn is causing you to be neglectful and you are afraid it is going to damage the relationship. There is also the possibility that she may just not be much of a giver, in which case...you will have to decide if your relationship is worth enough to you to over look that part of her : )
Where can i find a girl to have some lesbian action?
I am truly a female and I am bi and here lately i have been wanting some girl on girl action but dont know where to find it. I dont want to have sex with one of my friend's I want it with someone that I'm only going to meet once. I do live in a small town so where would be the perfect place.
how you doin' ;)
If a woman enjoys lesbian sex scenes, is she a lesbian?
It's a known fact that men enjoy watching lesbian porn, and many women enjoy man on man action, but what about the women who enjoy lesbian sex scenes, does this mean they are gay?
I think women value sensual pleasure and teasing, and this is understood between women. So, when I see lesbian porn it really involves the fantasy of the feeling involved, and really wishing that the woman could be a guy doing it the right way.
If a girl is in a lesbian r'ship but refuses to perform oral sex, is she really gay?
My friend is allegedly gay and has been with the same woman for about ten years, but she has never performed oral sex on her partner.

She has always been a bit of a suspicious lesbian, like everyone assumes it is a phase, or she was somehow talked into it by her bossy girlfriend. But then I suppose oral isn't for everyone and thats ok?

i just think when it comes to girl on girl action, her refusal doesn't seem very fair.
Because she doesn't like giving oral sex makes her no lesser lesbian than anyone else. There are a lot of people who don't like to do it. She must be doing something right if they have been together ten years, and what is this woman doing sharing the intimate secrets of her sexual relationship among her friends anyway, is nothing sacred?
Lesbian sex and jaw lock? is it THAT difficult? hm?
i was wondering since ive never had lesbian sex but i see myself doing it soon now im more open about my sexuality (bisexual) if its really that difficult giving head to a girl. i have a bi friend whoo did it several times and she told me my first times gonna be difficult and its not as easy as imagine it to be. i mean i know everything about les sex in theory, but practically i dont know. she told me that smth like jaw lock happens after time. and its tiring and her first time was rly awkward. i really wanna do it, but im scared if in the middle of the action ill be like i cant keep on doing it ppfff im tired or something.
If you like the girl you are "doing" then it should be very easy. Everything will come naturally and will flow. i have never had a problem with my jaw locking though. the only thing that i would say is breath through your mouth. can make you gag if you dont. have fun:)
Christian males: Are any of you upset that you have zero chance with a lesbian?
Christian females: same question, but with homosexuals.

If so, do you think this is why the homophobic, misogynistic, woman-controlling Bible writing males wrote what they did regarding gays and lesbians? It makes a lot more sense if your intent is to control a populace, and lesbians will have no sexual interest in you, that you tell gullible people - most of which will be heterosexual - that same-sex action is forbidden and condemnable.
that is exactly what happens! it's one of the reasons i think christianity is a crock of ****.

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