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What is the literal translation for Malchik Gay? I think it's russian but I'm not sure.?
It's the title of a T.a.T.u song but i can't find the translation anywhere... It came up once I think, but I don't think the translation is Gay Boy...
Yes it really is Gay Boy, gay means gay, and malchik means boy.
I'm russian, so yeah i know
What is Russian for "Girl"?
So i was listening to the song, Melchik Gey by t.a.T.u. and it is about a gay boy, so i wanted to do it like a male is singing it and make it about a gay girl, so what is "girl" in russian
if she's younger than 5, you say dyevochka
If she's older you say dyevushka.

devoesika gey I think ( I don't speak Russian)
Do the Russians always help Americas enemies?
I was just playing this game Call of Duty black ops. I know this is a game but the gameplay is very realistic and shows the history of how these Soviets tried to be clever and move their Commie beliefs into South East Asia.

My questions why didnt they just give all of Americas enemies like the Arabs or the Vietnamese nuclear weapons?

Finally in the game the Spetnaz and actual Russian troops are active in Vietnam helping the Vietcong. Did this really happen?

Didnt the Vietcong like hmm.... all these nice white Russian boys coming into their country? Do you think these Vietcong used these Russians for hm.... "Cough" "cough" and show them some loving?

Didnt this happen? some Asian on Russian interracial gay action in them steamy forests? Is that what the Russian soldiers were cruising for?
I mean how could them Asian s-x starved Vietcong resist some nice blonde, blue eyed lads from Russia?

Also the Russians are alleged to have been active in Arab nations. Do you think they also had some Arab loving? Do you think these nice white Russian soldiers were submissive to their Arab masters?

Did the Arabs use them for "hmmm" "cough" "cough" some loving??
huh!!!! stop being racist please its so stupid
I'm attracted to boys. but not in my home country?
i'm 15 years old and i found out that i'm gay
but it's hard for me cause i am russian and i'm living in Israel, and i don't really like the boys here
i always wanted a russian boyfriend, but everyone here straight:(
i feel like i will never find any love here.. and i feel lonley
what can i do?
There are plenty of gay men in Israel, it actually has a much more open and well-accepted gay scene than Russia does. You are, it's hard ANYWHERE to find a boyfriend at your age. You are below the age of consent, you can't get into clubs, and you are stuck with your schoolmates as a pool of potential partners.

Be patient. It's hard, but it's the best advice. Don't worry, there are other gay guys your age around. You'll find them eventually.
Russian cuss words (this is a serious question!!!)?…
(translation I used:… )
In this song they bleep something out.
I looked up an English translation and there doesn't seem to be anything bad in it.
I'm guessing Americans don't consider that word foul? Idk.

Could you make it as clear as possible and elaborate and junk? lol

Thank you in advance! :)
What they say is "ohuey" (which comes from the word huy (хуй), meaning dick) ). "Ot menya ohuey" ("От мэня охуэи") It means something like... "Go f**king mad on me "
RUSSIAN: Possesive Pronoun Question?
1. When we say 'my sweet' why don't we 'moj spojki' instead of 'spojki moj'?

2.when we say 'hot boy' we say klasotki malchik but when we say 'gay boy' we say 'malchik gay'. Why did the adjective go after the noun?
1. I don't quite get your translation. The translation of "my sweet" would be no 'moj spojki' but "moy miliy, dorogoy" (мой милый, дорогой) addressing a man, i don't know what is it - moj spojki
We actually do say moy dorogoy... so first goes adjective and then object. Otherwise - dorogoy moy - is possible but is more suitable for poetic speech.

2. Not klasotki but krasiviy malchik (красивый мальчик). But i think hot boy is rather секси/страстный/сексуально привлекательный мальчик (sexy/strastniy/seksualno privlekatelniy malchik), красивый is handsome. In your second example malchik gay - gay is not an adjective but as far as i remember - the part of the noun so it makes it compound noun. Anyway here it doesn't play the role of adjective.
Is there a tower in russia where they keep gay people?
a russian boy who goes to my school that i had painted my nails pink (im a 15 your old guy) and his mother showed up at my house bashing homosexuality and saying that if i was in russia they would put me away in a tower, i dont believe for a second that this is true, but maybe you guys had heard something, pop culture reference im to young to understand?
Good Russian boy, good joke ;-)
Excellent Gay Foreign Films?
Hi, I was wondering if any of you can recommend me an excellent foreign film centered on homosexuality. I don't care how old it is. Hopefully I can manage to find it.

I have only a couple preferences. I'd like it to be a "serious" movie and for the gay men to be a little older in age: late twenties or thirties. Older men just seem to portray a more authentic and serious love than teenage me, anyway. One particular gay foreign film I like is a French movie called A Love To Hide..very serious and tragic.

Lastly, there is a foreign gay film I've been looking for.. I saw a youtube clip of it ages ago. It was a military film, I'm guessing Russian. The scene I saw was when this guy (maybe 30 years old?) was laying down in a hospital bed, and this other guy dressed in a uniform kissed him. They talked for a minute and he left. Then the guy in the bed looked off to the window in deep thought. Sadly that's all I remember.
I just ran across a nice foreign gay film, Cachorro! here is a summary:…

It does have older gay bears! Over all a good movie!
Do you know any Russian American baby names?
I don't know the sex of the baby yet. My husband is from Russia. I am American. We disagree on baby BOY names because he keeps wanting to do this really really Russian baby names. Almost every single boy name on this Earth is gay to him.
We have a 4 yr old son who got a very Russian name. I would like this next baby to have a more American name.

I like the name Liam but my husband says no way to it. He says it's weird. I like the name Alexander but he says that's the name of our old dog that i killed (he bit my son too much so he was put to sleep), I mentioned the name Hayden and he said God can't you do a name with at least a Russian translation!
What can I do? If I have another boy I worry the boy wont' have a name?
Most Russians are very loyal to tradition and in Russia it is common to name guyren after the Russian Orthodox patron saint whose name is celebrated on or near the day when the baby is born. That is the overwhelming tradition. The baby's middle name comes from the father and brothers in a family can have the same middle name since the middle names' purpose is to point to the father.

Here is a list of names you might wish to look over: for boys and then for girls.
Can homosexual grandfather be a threat to a grandson?hat would you like to ask?

My father in-law has being helping me with raising my son for the past 6 years. He has being an incredible grandfather. He always was prepared to give up anything for the guy, and in his old age (he is 79) decided to look after the guy full time (i work in London, and guy resides with grandfather and grandmom outside) Rumours go that in his yonger days grandfather may have had some homosexual encounters with young men. However grandfather, seemingly devote catholic, denys it. He was married all his life and had two guys.. However, recently I found, by accident, that grandfathers has being doing weard searches on google. The key words he puts into Google are : : " Beautiful russian boys"(note my son is half russian) " Japanese boys" " Naked Dutch boy" "Male masseurs" "Indonesian boys" "Chats with beautiful russian boys" . I told my husband about my concern, however my husband said this means nothing! My husband said his father never touched him and would never molest our son. My husband thinks I am just imagining things. My husband sais i shouldn't worry as homosexual tendencies don't necessarily mean pedofile tendencies, and because the grandfather doesn't use the word "guy" . He sais the "boy" means young male, maybe as old as 25! However i am very concerned. My husband sais he will go through his father's computer and if he will find any gay porn he will simply delete it! My husband doesn't seem worried at all... What should i do? I don't trust my father in low any more.I question his intentions.
I don't trust him either. You need to get your boy out of there as soon as possible.

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