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Isn't guys jacking off together gay..?
me and my friend were looking at this site and we saw a guy say about jacking off with friends. when i was questioning that like what? no they dont shes said she read a biography and the guy said that they do. we then talked about like what do guys do at sleepovers because everything we coukld think of seemed girly. we then decided that they play video games but still, what about like the manly, sporty guys. we just couldnt imagine them sitting around playing like mario kart, but we feel like jacking off together, and seeing each other jack off is weird.. and gay...
Well, it is technically considered to be a "gay" activity but it also happens to be very common among teenage boys. Just because guys do this doesn't mean that they are gay and most end up being straight. But during the puberty years, there's definitely a lot of bi-curious experimentation going on and since girls are pretty much out of the question at that age (off limits and almost impossible to get), the next best thing is beating off to porn.

Guys talk about sex with each other all the time (this is no secret) so during sleepovers, once the video games, wrestling, eating, drinking, listening to music and watching movies is over, someone is going to suggest watching a porno if they have access to it. No horny teenage guy is going to refuse to watch porn (especially at that age). Naturally, one thing leads to another and they are jacking off together. This doesn't always happen and a lot of guys are turned off by this idea, but most are curious about it (even if they won't admit it openly).

You may find it weird, but it's actually quite normal when you look at the statistics. If you've never heard of a "circle jerk" before, then check these stats out:
Is jacking off with other guys gay?
Once a month me and my nephews get together and have what we like to call a 'jack-off' jam. Basically we listen to music and jack off. We jack off to understand the music more. The setting is unusually on a palette on the floor with the lights dimmed and various candles burning. We then decide what album we gon play preferably something old like Elton John or Boy George, and then we lay on our backs and start jackin off. It's a peaceful feeling and you can really connect to the music. I recommend this for girls too.
Well, it seems to be a somewhat common behavior but your behavior does not determine your sexuality. While some people may contend that mutual masturbation is wrong and signs of latent homosexuality, I think it simply demonstrates an interest in sharing one's sexual experiences. It could be indicative of an exhibitionist streak (later this might be parlayed into the more acceptable 'naturist' mode), a penchant for group sex or simply sexual curiosity.

The fact that you really see nothing "wrong" with what you're doing is a testament to a rather open mind; please try your best to maintain that.

Like I said before: behavior does not determine sexuality. Many str8 men engage in sex with other men while remaining married and defining themselves as str8 (in reality they are probably bisexual but I digress...) If you find yourself wanting to be with, sharing your life with and committing your life to another man, then I'd say chances are pretty good that you're gay. Mutually masturbating with some buddies can, for some males, be a bonding or "guys club" kind of behavior, not necessarily indicating homosexuality but a desire to share an exclusive bond with other males.
Does 2 straight guys jacking off together (on webcam / in person) make them gay?
I KNOW im straight, but I sometimes wouldn't mind jacking off with another guy or in a group of guys. I have sorta done this before and we were straight. We were in the 14-16 yr old age group. Does this make us gay or are we just kinda curious? If we do it once, is it rly gay 2 sorta wanna do it again or you just wanna see what its like again?
Have you ever heard of a circle jerk? This is done usually with a bunch of straight guys. Now I know of one gay guy who started this way, jerking off with his cousins. But I would consider this rare. Alot of youths do this circle jerking as a "male bonding" type thing. I wouldn't call this abnormal, yet as an adult and the desire to do this with another man on a web cam or in person, this is sorta trending toward a more curious ambition and could show some gay-ish tendencies. But why worry about it? As long as everyone is consenting and no one is getting hurt, go for it. Good luck.
Can guys enjoy watching other guys jack off and not be gay?
In other words, this person does not want to have sex with men, but finds the images of men jacking off erotic.
Yes. You should check out the site . . . they answer basically every question about masturbation that anyone could have. Many absolutely straight guys enjoy masturbating with others or watching others masturbate- that's why circle jerks and all that are so popular. It might be arousing to you for a variety of reasons- from just the sexiness of the situation, to the overwhelming fact that a penis represents sex, and gets your mind in that frame to think about it.

Your sexual orientation is about who you find sexually attractive. If you find yourself being attracted to men in a sexual way, and not just when they're jerking off, then you might be bisexual/gay. Think about it this way: you might not be gay/bisexual by watching men jacking off and finding it hot, but you could be, as well. It's up to you to look at your desires and figure it out. To me, you don't sound gay, just open to the sexiness of certain situations.
Why do so many guys jack off to tranny porn, yet somehow still claim that they're straight.?
Transsexual women are really men. Therefore, they are gay for jacking off to that nasty sh!t.
I think you're in denial about liking it. Guess that makes you gay.
Do you think that i am gay? i think about guys sometimes when i jack off. (i'm looking for a serious answer)?
i like girls and had girlfriends nd stuff, but sometimes i get turned on by guys. and a lot of the time while jacking off i think about guys. does this make me gay?

(and i don't think about kissing guys or anything, just about their *****)
No that don't make you gay. If you want to talk email me.
Are the guys off will and grace really gay?
i seen jack off the bucket list and he didnt seem so gay anymore
so is he and will realy gay in rl ?
ty guys
Yeah, I heard that the actor that plays Jack is straight and the actor that plays Will is gay
Would jacking off with a guy friend be gay?
k so heres the story... my friend was telling me that him and his very close friend was jacking off right by each other watching porno movies... is that gay? lol...

another question is...
me and this guy i met only once would text, and he be textin me all the time saying hey babe. i miss you babe my wonderful beast, and he even remember the first day we met and said happy anniversary on a text. and **** like that. but i swear doode he has a girlfriend.. its just creepng me out..
1:i wouldn't say it's gay unless you were touching his's not that unusual if your watching porn together though.your just thinking about it too deeply.

2:lol.he might be bi or he was just playing's not that gay.

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